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Importance of innovation in eyewear

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. It is necessary for us to see clearly in order to read, write, and function properly on a daily basis. This is why the innovation and evolution of eyewear into the modern frames we wear today is so important in our lives.

The first visual aid was a “reading stone”, a hemispherical lens that was put on top of small texts to magnify them so people could read more easily. Can you imagine if glasses were not invented? Everyone would be carrying a reading a reading stone in their pockets!

In the 19th century, the pince-nez was a popular style of glasses. These glasses did not come with arms or temples; they were held into place by pinching the bridge of the nose. Pince-nez literally means “pinch nose” in French: pincer, “to pinch” and nez, “nose”. If arms weren’t to the lens frames, we’d all have pinch marks on our noses.


It’s amazing to see how far eyewear has come. Glasses were usually made from metal or wood, but today, technology has allowed the invention of new plastics and various types of metals to produce stronger frames.

Our Nature Eyes brand specially uses recycled titanium, recycled acetate and wood from specific eco-label plantations that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


The way glasses are being put together has also changed. Instead of attaching the frames and temples using screws, there are new ways to “assemble” glasses now.

Nanyang Optical invented the S-clip, which clips the frames and temples together. This is exclusive so our Urband brand. Loose screws on glasses was a common problem because you had to keep adjusting and tightening them, but this technology eliminates the use of screws all together.

We also designed the soft-lock system for our Eyelet brand, where nylon string is used to “sow” the frames and temples together, allowing the glasses to be flexible. This technology is ideal for children because of its flexibility and durability.


From humble beginnings as simple visual aids, eyewear has become a fashion accessory that continues to be in demand today. One of our most popular brands, Bolon has been making waves in the fashion world for its chic, sleek designs. A-lister Anne Hathaway and supermodel Hailey Baldwin have been spotted rocking Bolon eyewear.

We believe that that there still many aspects for innovation in eyewear. Every day, our research and development, and design teams work tireless to come up with new innovations and designs to make glasses more durable, comfortable and fashionable. Drop by any of our stores to check out the latest designs from Bolon, Eyelet, Nature Eyes and our other innovative brands!