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Signs of Myopia

Jun 23, 2020 /

Eyes Concerns for working adults

May 29, 2020 /

Do you feel any eye fatigue, watery or dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, or neck and shoulder strains? You may be experiencing digital eye-strains. Find out more

Are more kids in Singapore developing Myopia as we progress?

Sep 19, 2019 / Marketing

Is your child starting to squint, sitting closer to the television, or bringing their books closer and closer to their faces? Are they having difficulties seeing the screen? Find out more about Myopia

Change in Nanyang Optical loyalty program

Helping Singapore access better eye care

We're thrilled to partner Project We Care to deliver vision care to more Singaporeans. When they can't come to the eye center, we bring the eye center to them.

Read our story.