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Wait! Don’t touch your spectacles after eating all those Chinese New Year goodies!

Jan 14, 2021 / Marketing

Oil and grease reduce the clarity in our spectacles, and over time, it can permanently damage the lenses. The greasy ‘film’ that builds up on the lenses, if not properly taken care of, leaves thick smudge that can be increasingly harder to clean each day it is unattended to.

Digital Eye Fatigue

Oct 23, 2020 / Marketing

With more time spent in front of digital gadgets, digital eye-strain symptoms such as eye fatigue, watery or dry eyes, headaches or blurred vision are now more commonly experienced. These symptoms can be worst for people with pre-existing eye conditions such as astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia. 

Helping Singapore access better eye care

We're thrilled to partner Project We Care to deliver vision care to more Singaporeans. When they can't come to the eye center, we bring the eye center to them.

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