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Digital Eye Fatigue

Oct 23, 2020 / kaili lim

With more time spent in front of digital gadgets, digital eye-strain symptoms such as eye fatigue, watery or dry eyes, headaches or blurred vision are now more commonly experienced. These symptoms can be worst for people with pre-existing eye conditions such as astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia. 

Aging with presbyopia - Never miss a moment

Sep 23, 2020 / kaili lim

Presbyopia is probably the most normal changes in our eyes as we age. It happens when our eyes gradually lost the ability to see things clearly up close. Presbyopia can start as early as late thirties, and you will probably find yourself holding your reading materials further away so that you can see them clearly. 


Signs of Myopia

Jun 23, 2020 /

Change in Nanyang Optical loyalty program

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