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A bright screen in the dark has been proven to be detrimental to our eyes. But there’s no way we’re giving up scrolling through social media before bed, right? F.lux will be your eyes’ new best friend! F.lux is a mobile app that changes the hue and glow of blue light from your screen based on the time of the day. In the morning, your phone’s backlight is crisp and bright. As the day progresses into dusk, F.lux slowly transitions the backlight on your screen to a reddish-gold hue, reducing the glaring tension your eyes would normally face.

What if you’re a more frequent PC user? That’s fine. Calise is a PC tool that automatically customizes the contrast of your monitor to a level optimal for your eyes. However, instead of utilizing the time of the day, Calise works with the environment instead. Writing notes in a bright conference room? Calise will reduce the blue light contrast on your screen. Burning the midnight oil to rush that design? Calise will increase your screen’s contrast and decrease the blue light hue. With Calise, no matter when or where, your eyes are taken care of.

There are many other mobile and PC applications out there dedicated to reducing your eye strains, each with their own unique methods. We understand that hectic work schedules require constant staring into screens. We believe everyone should give these applications a try, to help provide the adequate rest our eyes need.

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