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We all have tried our hand at giving classical music a shot when trying to focus on our work or studies. However, we bet you didn’t know that classical music could potentially boost the quality of our vision!

A recent medical study found that listening to Mozart – yes, the legendary pianist – could improve our eyesight! According to the study, out of two groups, the group that listened to Mozart for 10 minutes performed better in a test which indicates whether one suffers from peripheral vision irregularities than the other group, who were not given the pleasure. This theory has been coined ‘The Mozart Effect’, where researchers believe that Mozart’s music has potential healing properties.

Another therapeutical study discovered that people with impaired visual awareness could improve their vision by listening to their favourite music. The study saw participants completing vision tests under three different circumstances; with music they liked, with music they disliked and in silence. The participants could identify objects more accurately while they listened to music they liked compared to the other two scenarios.

So, don’t be afraid to listen to the classics, or to blast your favourite song on repeat! Who knows, it may actually help you see clearer and feel better! Nonetheless, we at Nanyang Optical believe that it is our duty to share as many eye care tips and tricks with our customers, so that their eyes can get the best quality they deserve.

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