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We wear helmets when we cycle, we wear knee pads when we rollerblade, we wear ankle

guards to protect our joints, and we don’t think twice about it. We take extra precaution to prevent concussions, broken bones and twisted ankles, so why not do the same and get “gear” for your eyes as well?

Coosh is the ideal sports companion for anyone who loves running around and being active, and for those in the army. Jungle training, field camp, marching... all these intense activities require glasses that provide you with stable vision, clarity, and superior comfort even after a full day of wearing it outdoors.

This award-winning design features the first patented spring hinge technology in eyewear. The spring hinge in our Coosh glasses allows it to maintain a good grip on your face without being too tight around the face. This also allows the Coosh glasses to absorb impact and “spring back” into its original shape without breaking or becoming lopsided.

The best thing about this spring hinge technology is that it doesn't use screws! Loose screws may cause serious injury, especially during active usage.

Whether you’re running around the basketball court, or marching in the jungle, your Coosh glasses will provide you with ultimate comfort. It is made from lightweight material that you may even forget you’re wearing it.

Don’t wait any longer. Drop by any of our Nanyang Optical stores to get yourself one of these bad boys, and lead a healthy lifestyle without having to worry about your glasses slipping off or becoming lopsided again!