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When was the last time you spoilt your glasses? Probably not anytime recently. Now, change ‘you’ to ‘your child’. Suddenly it becomes a world of difference, does it not? As parents its only natural to dread the sight of your child’s out-of-shape spectacles.

Good news! There are reliable methods out there that could help you fix the shape of your child’s glasses back to brand new (almost).


Firstly, grab a pair of plastic-tipped pliers. Next, grip the bent areas with the pliers and adjust them accordingly carefuly. Remember to place a thin piece of cloth over the spectacles, to ensure protection of the lenses. No pliers? Try a plastic hand clamp or forceps instead, it gets the job done as well!

A potential science lesson

Fill a container with warm water. Place the bent spectacles in the container for a time period of between 30 seconds to 1 minute. It is advised that the temperature of the water not be too hot, so as to prevent melting of the spectacle frames.

Remove the glasses and quickly use a clean towel to pat it dry. Bend the frames slowly back into shape. If the spectacles cool before you are able to reshape it, repeat the process again. Alternatively, you could hold the glasses directly under a stream of warm water and bend them back simultaneously.

A hair dryer works too, but be careful not to direct heat at the spectacles for too long, or you’ll end up with an even more bent pair! If the spectacles are still bent despite multiple adjustments, do drop by any one of our Nanyang Optical outlets and our friendly staffs will always be there to aid you.

Alternatively we also have a wide variety of spectacles that are sure to be stronger and can withstand bending. Do check it out here.