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Welcome to the great debate of contact lens vs eyeglasses. The issue of whether to get contact lens or eyeglasses is common in vision correction which people are usually spoilt for choices. Here we will touch on the advantages and disadvantages of both vision correction tools. You can use this as a guide to help you decide which will suit you better.


Glasses do have a lot of advantages when it comes to preventing eye irritation. By wearing glasses, it will reduce the need to touch your eyes, which reduces the possibility of irritating your eyes or developing eye infection. Also if you have dry or sensitive eyes, as glasses are not worn directly on your eyes, they will not infuriate the problem. In fact they can also protect your eyes from enviromental factors dust, raindrops, wind and debris. Plus you have a wide range of fashionable frames to choose from which can even bring out your personality and style! Glasses are also easier to change when your eye prescription change by just simply replacing the lenses while keeping your current frames.

However glasses can be a disadvantage while playing sports. They tend to break easily and get damaged. Also as glasses sit about 12mm from your eyes, your peripheral vision can be distorted and you may experience nausea or vertigo from it. Some frames can exert constant pressure on your nose and behind your ears, leading to headaches, discomfort and unsightly marks on your nose.

Contact lens

One major advantage of contact lens is that your vision is corrected in the entire field of vision, including your peripheral vision. This is because contacts conform to the curvature of your eye, which provides a wider field of view. Other than that, hey are also not affected by environmental factors and do not fog up easily.Also unlike glasses, it can match with any outfit you are wearing without clashing. Besides that, they are safer to use when playing sports as they will not get in the way.

Likewise there are downsides to wearing contact lens as well. Contact lens reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your eyes, which can cause or increase the severity of dry eyes. There are some people who even experience irritation, burning or blurred vision with extended wear. As a result, they put you at a greater risk of infection and eye-damage.

If you are still confused on which one is a perfect fit for you, you can book an appointment at your nearest Nanyang Optical outlet. Our friendly staff  will be more than eager to provide you with necessary suggestions. You can also take a look at the wide range of eyeglasses and contact lens we have in our store.