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Coosh: Specs built to last

Myopia, or shortsightedness, affects eight in 10 young men who enter the SAF for national service and half of its 20,000 regulars. Designed for fit, function and comfort, Coosh, a revolutionary eyewear frame is specifically designed for the active lifestyle needs of our National Service (NS) men.

“I’ve seen our Singapore Armed Forces grow and improve over 50 years, but the black eyewear frame has not changed a lot. The men today still face the same problems as their fathers before, having to deal with frames that are not well-balanced and break easily. When I saw Coosh’s design, I immediately thought of adopting it for our NS boys”, says Mr Yang Wah Kiang, founder and chairman of Nanyang Optical.

For almost a decade, Nanyang Optical has launched award-winning eyewear designs aimed to tackle specific issues faced by its wide range of customers. Teaming up with French designer Mr Alan Aymeric and Australian-Chinese designer Mr Zhang Andong, Coosh is designed to protect and to provide unparalleled comfort when used in stressful environments for long periods of time.

Coosh’s unique patented design embeds firm yet responsive spring coils in its frame making the temple more bendable. The temples are able to move not just across the traditional horizontal axis, but also vertically to allow for excellent holding power on the face. Such a design also absorbs impact and immediate recovery of the frame after impact. The entire frame weight is well distributed so that long- term wearing comfort can be achieved. All the features come together to provide for the specific active requirements that the NS men need.

Coosh is available exclusively at all Nanyang Optical stores. To learn more about the product and the story behind it, please visit the official website at