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Did you know there are glasses that can read out to you now?

Innovation and technology has always been the spirit of Nanyang Optical. Through the years, we have invested time in research and development to keep pace with the ever-changing consumer trends and needs. This has resulted in technological breakthroughs that have gained us worldwide recognition for our innovative designs.

Technology and innovation is in our roots. This is why we are so excited to hear about a special device that has been invented to allow glasses to read texts out to the user. This invention fixes a camera on your glasses and is programmed to recognise the printed text that your index finger points to. If you are reading a book, you simply touch the first word with your finger, and it will begin reading the book out loud. This clever gadget was launched to assist and empower people with vision and reading disabilities.

These are the kinds of technological advancements that motivate us every day to find new ways to make eyewear that benefits everyone who wears it. We strongly believe that technology will change the way traditional eyewear is being made, and continue to inspire and be inspired by innovations around the world.