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Does reading in dim light damage eyesight?


There’s an old wives’ tale about how reading in dim lights can cause severe eye problems. Just like how goldfishes have the memory power of 3 seconds, this myth has been floating around for decades.

However, just like most myths, science has proved it otherwise. 

According to several articles from the likes of Harvard Health Publishing, reading in dim light does not in fact worsen the condition of your eyes.

Although no studies have been conducted on the long-term effects of reading in the dark, many experts have said that reading in the dark will not make you go blind or cause you any eye related diseases.

Having said that they do adversely tire your eyes out.


However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent your eyes from tiring out so quick. One of which is positioning your table lamp appropriately. The best possible arrangement is for your lamp to be somewhere the light shines directly onto the page of your book. The glare caused by the light shining over your shoulder is what strains your eyes.


Should you feel like your eyes are feeling extremely strained, fret not!


There are tips as to how you can relax your eyes, click here to find out.