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Eye Care Tips: Does Looking at Green Help Ease Myopia?Eye Care Tips: Does Looking at Green Help Ease Myopia?

Eye Care Tips: Does Looking at Green Help Ease Myopia?


As parents, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “take a break and look outside the window at trees or any green things”. You may have heard it in school talks, or from other parents saying it to children after studying or doing homework for a long time. But does green really help?


The funny thing is, it is not actually scientifically proven, nor is it in any medical textbooks.


This saying most likely came about because greenery is usually at a distance. If you’re sitting at home or in the office, chances are that a grass patch or a group of trees is at least a few metres away, if not even more. By looking at greenery, the eye is focusing on an object far away. Our eye muscles relax when we look far away. So, green does not actually have any special sight-improving ‘powers’.


Myth, busted. The next time you advise your child to relax their eyes, don’t recommend looking at green things, ask them to look for anything far away instead. Ask them to spot kites or planes or clouds with funny shapes. Eye relaxation exercises can be fun!


Ultimately, the best way is to bring your child for regular eye checks, where trained opticians and optometrists will be able to recommend the best and most effective ways to slow down myopia in your child. Drop by your nearest Nanyang Optical store for a comprehensive eye check for your child today.