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You may have noticed that we started a new series to our postings! We are proud to introduce to you The Nanyang Optical Kids Comic Series!

But what exactly is the purpose of this series? Well, imagine sitting through an entire conversation about eye care and health with an adult. Chances are that if the person doesn’t suffer from a form of vision imparity, he or she would not be interested in continuing the conversation. Apply the same scenario to that of a child. Would it be much harder to even get them to be interested in healthy eye care habits? We believe the answer is ‘Yes’. Nonetheless, we believe that it is our duty to firstly, help parents educate their children on the nuances surrounding myopia, and secondly, help myopic children who are in need of visual aid. 

Given the inherent rise of myopia in Singaporean children, we strongly believed that it was our duty to address the issue to not just the parents, but children as well, so as to create a greater sense of awareness on myopia. Such was our approach when we crafted the Nanyang Optical Kids Comic Series. In order to both capture and retain their attention, we felt that a fun spin on an otherwise serious issue would be more appealing to our younger audience.

But what is the series about? It entails a group of children being terrorised by villains called Myobots – whom induce myopia in children through their ‘weapons’ of choice; smartphones. However, not all hope is lost for our young characters, as Nan Nan and Yang Yang – the bastions of eye care – fight the Myobots off with their very own weapon, The Eyelet Junior. The series further delves into healthy eye care habits, in order to positively instil such habits to our child readers in their own fight against myopia. Notwithstanding that, the comic series also portrays how the Eyelet Junior is a truly effective ‘anti-myopia’ tool for kids.

All in all, we had a lot of fun during the production of the Nanyang Optical Kids Comic Series! It was an enriching experience; taking a step back from the conventional mode of work and trying our hand at a fresher approach, all in good faith.

Check out the comic series here!