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Even as a child, our Chairman, Mr. Yang always had a keen interest in eyewear. After classes, he would play around with the interestingly delicate tools and observe his father grind and edge lenses. In his early teens, he started picking up the tricks of the trade. Even after venturing overseas to complete his degree, he never lost his passion for eyewear.

But what exactly kept him going all these years apart from his special bond with eyewear? According to Mr. Yang, he finds joy in breathing new life into the eyewear scene in Singapore. With that motivation, Mr. Yang constantly scours the land to find something different, unique. He strives to resist the average and always wants to take it to the next level. Such drive can be seen in how Nanyang Optical has special in-house brands, each with their own story and purpose.

Since Nanyang Optical’s conception, innovation and cutting edge technology have always been the core of what we do. As such, we have achieved numerous awards, such as the ISO9002 certification for quality service and Design of the Year award at the President’s Design Awards.

We always make it a point to be different, but we never stray far from our purpose – to provide specialised eye care services to our ever expanding customer base. As we understand that every customer is different, our innovations always aim to cater to the needs and wants of our customer. Want to know more about the origins of Nanyang Optical? Read more here!