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When the going gets tough, the tough must get going. That being said, we as NSFs still have to be mindful to not be reckless, as we’d not only make hard situations worse, but make it hard on ourselves as well. Contrary to popular belief, taking care of your spectacles during NS stints is not as hard as you may think. Here are just two essential items that you should carry with you in case of a spectacle emergency.


Black Tape

We’re certain most NSFs are familiar with the ‘Black Tape’ by now. Black tape is widely considered as the military version of your conventional, everyday scotchtape – except that it serves every and any purpose! It ties loose ends of the the NS field pack into a ‘neat’ lump, it manages to hold together anything that is bent out of place or damaged. Sometimes, it’s even an alternative for band-aids and plasters! However, one neat spectacle-related trick that black tape seems to get the job done well is keeping slightly bent frames in shape. Sometimes it even works as an extra added layer of protection during exercises, which comes in handy for the everyday NSF! One other ‘cheat’ would be to use black tape to cover non-dark coloured areas of your spectacles, in line with the NS rule of keeping to Black Plastic Frames.


Wet Wipes

Whether you’re in the jungle during outfield or at the parade square doing circuit training, wet wipes will be one of your bestest friends during your two year NS stint. Why so? Firstly, when NSFs are on the move, time is of the essence. Sometimes, wet wipes can get the job of basic hygiene – being able to clean your face from grime, sweat, or mud off your boots (which are supposed to be black and shiny at all times!). However, in the case of spectacles, wet wipesyou’re your go-to when cleaning not just the frames, but the lens as well. Acting similarly to tissue paper and running water, wet wipes fit the perfect combination of both, providing sufficient moisture as well as anti-bacterial properties!


Nonetheless, when it comes to durability and spectacle care during NS, we suggest our COOSH, a specially tailored pair of spectacles for NSFs, able to withstand the rough and tough of it. However, if you’re keen on finding out more about similar DIY hacks when it comes to spectacle care, look no further than here!