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To all young men who are going for their BMT, I am sure you are aware that black spectacles frames are compulsory in the SAF. However are you aware that you can actually get a subsidy when you purchase prescription glasses?

According to the SAF's recruit handbook, NSFs can get a $40 subsidy for the purchase of prescription glasses and an additional $20 for  a second claim in the same financial year. However the claims must be made within one month of the purchase.

There are also some issues to take note to make a successful claim. It is important to have your receipt and invoice with your full name and particulars stated. Without them, you cannot submit a claim. It is important that you make your spectacles after your enlist for if you were to make them before enlisting, you are unable to make a claim. The suggested period of time to make your spectacles is when it is closer to your enlistment date. This is because usually during the first two weeks of enlistment, the admin office of your company will be busy with administrative duties and they may not be available to help you submit your claim through the SAF intranet.

Also there is a possibility your sergeant may not brief you on the spectacles subsidy. Do not be afraid to ask them politely especially when they are not so busy. Your sergeant can either help you to fill in the form and pass to the clerk or they can send you to the clerk for you to fill it in yourself. Shall you not receive any news of the subsidy nearing the end of your BMT, you may want to remind your commanders to check for you. You can also transfer the claim to your new unit if the wait is too long.

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