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Chinese New Year is finally here! You’re feeling fantastic, ready to head out in your neatly pressed cheongsam, only to see a pair of dry, red eyes staring back at you in the mirror. Don’t worry, your night isn’t ruined yet! Thanks to eye drops, you have a quick fix to solve your tired eyes and maintain a clear vision.

However, did you know that eye drops should be stored below room temperature? What better place than your very own refrigerator? Furthermore, refrigerator-kept eye drops offer you a nice, cooling sensation when applied, giving you a refreshing, value-added bonus. Studies have shown that eye drops -  just like other medication – lose their efficacy when exposed above room temperature over long periods of time.

Yet, it is important to take note that not all eye drops work best in a fridge. For gel-based eye drops, placing them in the fridge may cause it to freeze. In the event that you do manage to squeeze the solution out, you may instead be greeted by water crystals painfully hurting your eyes.

With this handy tip, we hope that you can confidently head out for Chinese New Year visiting this year, without facing the nightmare that is dry reddish eyes.  We hope that this little secret will be able to help you to improve your vision with your eye drops. If you want to find out more hacks on eye-relaxing tips, click here to find out more!