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How Myopia affects a child’s academic performance in school

Singapore is one of the countries worldwide with the highest prevalence of Myopia. No doubt, Myopia also had become one of the public health concerns here.

With a comprehensive healthcare system, every year, the primary school students will be given a general health check-up that will look into vision, hearing, growth, and developmental problems. Good vision is extremely important, especially when the child is learning and growing. 

 Stress cannot see

When Myopia happens, the child might find it hard to read notes written on the whiteboard, interfering with their learning. The sooner we established if there are any myopia issues, the greater the chances we have of maintaining our child’s visual health and ensuring their continuous learning. 

There are a few easy tips to help you identify if your child is having trouble with his eye-sight. 

  1. Saying that distant objects appear blurred
  2. Sitting closer to the desired objects, such as TV, PCs.
  3. Holding gadgets or books close to the face
  4. Squinting or tilting the head to see better
  5. Blinking excessively
  6. Frequent rubbing of eyes
  7. Complaints of headaches, or tired eyes
  8. Often make mistakes when copying from the whiteboard

If your child experiences any of the above symptoms, we recommend that you bring them to any of the Optometrist for an eye-check.