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Ill-fitting glasses can be caused by dropping your glasses, heat deformation, or just natural misalignment through normal, everyday wear and tear. But don’t think about throwing your glasses away just yet. These easy fixes may save you a trip to the optician for at least a few more months.


Problem: Earpieces are too tight/loose  

The earpieces – the part of your spectacles that curves around your ears should sit snugly on and around your ears. If they are too loose, it could be because the earpieces are not sufficiently curving behind the ears to hold them up properly. If they apply painful pressure behind your ears, it could be too curved.


To fix this, you need to apply heat to the earpieces. Take a hairdryer and point it to the earpiece, applying heat to it until it’s hot and bends easily. Use steady, gentle pressure to bend the earpiece downwards. Do this for both sides until your earpieces curve comfortably around your ear.


You can also use this method for earpieces that are too tight, except you bend it upwards until the uncomfortable pressure behind your ears is gone.


Problem: Frames are too tight/loose

Nothing feels worse than tight-fitting spectacles that dig into your skull and leave pressure marks on the sides of your head. Or when your glasses feel so loose you can’t even nod your head without risking it falling to the ground.  


These can be fixed by simply adjusting the temples of your glasses. If your glasses are squeezing your head, you need to adjust the temples outwards. Hold your glasses with one hand, and gently pull the temple outwards. Do this for both sides to relieve the tightness around your head. If your glasses are too loose, you need to push the temples inwards for a better fit.


Problem: Nose pads are too tight/loose

If your glasses are sitting too high, it could be because your nose pads are too tight, pushing your glasses up. Use your thumbs to gently push out the nose pads until they sit comfortably on your nose. If your glasses are too low on your nose, use your thumbs to push the nose pads closer together until they rest comfortably on your nose without pinching or applying uncomfortable pressure.  


While these quick fixes are great, some glasses may be past the point of repair, and it may be necessary for you to get a new pair. Nanyang Optical carries a wide range of frames that caters to every wearer’s needs. Stop by any of the outlets to get professional measurements and expert advice on the best and most comfortable frames for you.