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How to clean your spectacles – the right way.

There is nothing more distracting than a smudge on the lens of your spectacles while you’re out and about. If you find yourself reaching for your shirt or the nearest tissue to wipe it off, STOP!

It might be the easiest solution to get the smudge off there and then, but these materials easily catch dust and other particles that can scratch your lenses.

Here are some simple methods to keep your spectacles clean and scratch-free:


  1. Always use a microfiber cloth

The easiest, most fuss-free method to keep lenses clean would be to use a microfiber cloth to clean small smudges throughout the day. Made out of nylon and polyester, these cloths are specially designed for wiping spectacle lenses. They are also small, inexpensive and easy to carry around.

Never clean your lenses with a dry cloth. Liquids act as a lubricant and help reduce friction, and the risk of dust particles being pressed into the lens and scratching it. You can easily purchase special spray cleaners from any optical shop, but warm water works great as well.

Always, always use a clean cloth to wipe your lenses and frame.


  1. Lukewarm water + simple dishwashing liquid

Run your glasses under lukewarm water. Put a drop of dishwashing liquid on your fingertips and gently rub each side of the lens, nose pads, and frame. Thoroughly rinse the soap off with warm water and use a clean, microfiber cloth to gently dry the remaining drops. Repeat these steps until your lenses are spotless.

For this method, avoid using any citric-based soaps as the acid in these soaps may damage the coating on your lenses. Also avoid moisturizing dish soaps as they may leave residue on your glasses.


  1. The right way to wipe your glasses

Always start wiping your glasses at the temples (long part of the spectacles) before moving to the nose bridge and nose pads. This is because the nose bridge and nose pads have the most oil build-up from your face. If you start wiping from the nose area first, all that oil and grease may smear across the lenses and frame, making cleaning even more troublesome.

Simple steps like keeping your spectacles in a hard case when you aren’t using them will go a long way in preventing scratches and smudging, as well as protecting them from any dirt build-up.

With clean, spotless glasses, you can have a spec-tacular day every day!