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Imagine you are unable to find your contact lenses or your glasses is broken. The feeling of unable to see clearly without these vision aid can be very frustrating, right? Well here is a simple trick that you can use to improve your vision without any special equipment.


This trick is suggested by both weblog Hacker Zen and Youtube channel Minute Physics and it is done by actually using your hands! Make your hand into a fist and form a tiny hole with your finger by curling up your index finger and look through it like a pinhole camera. From there, your eyes' lenses focus will spread out light to create a crystal-clear image on your retina with eye muscles squeezing them to enable you to focus at different distances.


The tiny hole formed by your fingers is the important factor for clear vision. This is because a pinhole or other small opening can focus light coming from any distance. Due to its small opening, it only allows light to come through in one place and hence one direction from any particular source, causing everything to be in focus without blur. The tiny holes also create clear images by blocking instead of focusing light, causing the images to be much darker.


While it is obvious that it is only helpful in a pinch and not to be used as a replacement for your glasses, it can serve as a temporary help for your vision. It can also help you to track down your glasses if you are unable to find it.


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