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Are you bored with your standard dark brown/black eyes? Perhaps you wish to change them to something more interesting? With colour contacts, you could add a more vibrant element to your outlook! However, choosing the right contact lenses colour is very important as their colours will make or break your overall look according to your own skin tone and hair.

Skin Tones

Warm-coloured skin tones such as yellow or golden-brown undertones are commonplace in Asia. Most of us have greenish veins and tan skin. The best choices of coloured contact lenses for us are amber, hazel or light honey as these colours complement our complexion, adding an extra ‘oomph’ to our facial aesthetic!

On the contrary, cool-coloured skin tones such as pale, fairer skin complexion is something most of us dream of. Couple that with bluish or rosy veins, this look is one many of us would kill for. If you fall under this category, congratulations! But it’s time to take it to the next level. Wearing aquamarine or light grey contact lenses would synergise well with your pale skin, providing an element of vibrancy to stand out in a crowd!

Hair Colour

Brunettes have it easy in this category. Brown and Black hair colours are so versatile, almost any coloured contact lens could amplify your looks. Don’t worry, we’ll narrow down what we think are the best colours for you brunettes! Bright blue, Lilac, Lime Green and Hazel work extremely well to supplement your hair colour and give it extra vibrance.

For bright coloured hair, such as blonde, red, or green, aim for colours like chocolate, black or even beige. Think Ariel from the Little Mermaid or Cinderella. These princesses may have strikingly vibrant hair colours, but their eyes are dark-coloured throughout! This is because dark colours neutralise the radiance teeming from their hair colours, offering a cool yet attention grabbing look!

Although we believe everyone should have the confidence to flaunt their looks the way they want to, we hope this serves as a mini guide for our more daring customers. Show the world what you’re made of!