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It’s not about how low you can go but how far you can COOSH

National service is more than just a time to serve the nation. It’s also about learning new skills and meeting various people. It’s about discovering new talents, polishing existing ones and stretching your limits to its furthest.


We understand that the money you earn from serving the nation can be precious. As such, we don’t want you to waste it on having to buy new glasses every time yours falls apart. So, with that in mind we created COOSH.


Not only is Coosh shock absorbent, it has a robust “spring back” function that enables it to hold on to your face far longer than most glasses. With its coil spring strategically placed, Coosh is able to achieve free range movement, both horizontally and vertically, allowing it to bounce back into shape immediately after impact from various angles. Coosh’s well-balanced fit also makes it comfortable to wear for great lengths of time.


Are you excited to get your own pair of COOSH to see how far you can push them? Click here to find your nearest Nanyang Optical outlet now!