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Kids Corner - Establishing good spectacle care habits in your child


While lenses are important to correcting a child’s vision, wearing the frame of the spectacle can be just as important but often overlooked aspect. It is important to instil good spectacle care habits in your child while they are young, so that not only can they see properly through their spectacles but also to make the glasses last longer.


How to Clean Glasses

Maintaining cleanliness applies to everything, including spectacles. Remind your child not to use his/her shirt to clean spectacles because this fabric tend to leave tiny scratches on the lenses. Keep a microfibre cloth in their bag and encourage them to use that special cloth instead.


Washing your child’s spectacles in warm water and mild soap will help to thoroughly clean grease, perspiration and dirt. You can make this a nightly habit with your child before going to bed so he/she will always have clean glasses in the morning.


Removing Glasses Correctly

Show your child how to remove his/her glasses with both hands by gripping the arms of the spectacles on each side and pulling it straight off the face. Removing glasses with only one hand will cause it to become loose and uneven over time.


Storing Glasses Safely

Remind your child to keep his/her glasses in a protective case if they are not using it, or before going to bed. This will prevent the glasses from scratches, dirt and dust. A hard case is ideal as children are often careless and may accidentally sit on their glasses, or squash it in their schoolbags.


As your child uses his glasses everyday, wear and tear is inevitable. Along with good spectacle care, regular maintenance like tightening of frames, changing of nose pads and checking prescription lenses are also necessary.


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