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Little things you didn’t know that could ruin your spectacles


If you wear spectacles, chances are that you would have used your shirt to clean them on more than one occasion. Did you know this, and other every day habits could ruin your spectacles more than you realise?


  1. Using the wrong cloth

Using your t-shirt to clean your lenses is the worst thing you can do. Maybe not the worst, but it’s pretty bad. T-shirts, tissues and other types of cloth are rough, and often trap particles of dirt that may scratch the lenses. That innocent swipe on your lenses causes worse damage than you know. Use the special microfiber cloth that your spectacles came with, or simply purchase a new one at any optical shop.


  1. Taking them off with one hand

Grabbing the side of your spectacles may be the easiest way to take them off, but doing that can actually bend your frame over time. When you pull on one temple to take them off, you are stretching the frame.


Ideally, you should use both hands to take off your glasses, but if you must take them off with one hand, you should do it from the centre of the glasses, where the nose bridge is.


  1. Putting your glasses on top of your head

Putting your glasses on top of your head when you’re not using them can stretch them out, especially if you do it several times a day. Hair products like hairspray and gel, and natural oil from your hair can get transferred onto the lenses, making them dirty and blurry. Additionally, they might slip off your head, fall to the floor and get damaged.


If you constantly remove your glasses, it may be good to get a strap so you can leave them around your neck instead of on top of your head.


  1. Storing your glasses unprotected

Slipping your glasses in your bag or pocket may be the quickest way to keep them, but doing so without using a cover or hard case may scratch the lenses or bend the frame out of shape. It may be a hassle to constantly place your spectacles in a case but it’s the best way to keep your lenses unscratched and in good shape for a longer period of time.


  1. Falling asleep with your glasses on

This one may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people still fall asleep with their glasses on. If you feel yourself nodding off or getting sleepy, it’s best to take your spectacles off before you end up rolling over them in your sleep.


Your spectacles are a long-term investment, and kicking these bad habits will help keep your glasses scratch-free and in good condition for as long as possible.