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Look gorgeous in your glasses with these simple make up tips


Heading out for a girl’s night out? Don't reach for your contacts just yet! It can be hard to make your beautiful eyes stand out from under your glasses, but with these simple make up tips, you can rock both your glasses and your makeup.


Blot away excess makeup

For the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks, apply only a thin layer of makeup, because that’s where your glasses touch your face. Simply take a make up a sponge and tap the bridge of your nose and cheeks lightly to brush off any excess makeup. This will keep your makeup from coming off onto your frames and making them dirty.


Apply mascara the correct way

Before you apply mascara, you have to curl your lashes. Curl your lashes from the roots, and end with a dramatic curl upwards at the tip. This will curl your lashes upwards, avoiding your lashes grazing your lenses when you blink.


Then apply mascara as usual, but don't apply as much on the tip of your lashes because they will become straight again. Go heavy with your mascara at the roots, but leave the tips with a light coat.  



Eyeshadows are a great way to accentuate the eyes, but it may start to look too heavy, especially if you have thick, smaller frames. Stick to neutral tones like rose gold, light pinks or light browns so it does not look overwhelming through your lenses. Bigger frames give you more ‘space’ to work with and experiment with different eyeshadow looks.


Bold frames, bold lips

Lipsticks are the best finisher for your makeup because no matter what colour you choose, you can’t go wrong. Want to go for a bold, red lip? Or going for a nude look today? Go for it! Don’t be afraid to mix and match your favourite lippies with your glasses.


Gone are the days of glasses being “nerdy”; they are now essential fashion accessories, and for all you budding fashionistas out there, we have many gorgeous frames for every face shape, and personal style.