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Spectacles may sometimes be seen as accessories or add-ons to our general outlook. Although matching them with our tops may seem like a common idea, how far can we go in terms of matching? Could different footwear styles affect how our spectacles look on our face?



Sneakers are the in-thing these days. It’s becoming commonplace to see almost about anyone wearing some sort of street-styled sneakers. If you’re wearing tennis court shoes such as Stan Smiths, we suggest a lighter toned pair of spectacles, with minimal design and thin wire frames. The thickness and simplicity of most court shoes complement sharper, yet not too loud frames. For high-cuts such as Air Jordans, we suggest a bolder take. Spectacles with striking lenses, thick temple arms and strong, black solid frame help accentuate the overall look.


Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are a staple for almost any formal occasion. However, different styles also call for different settings. For jet black oxford shoes, go for angular frames and wires, coupled with classic colours such as silver or black. This sets you to look professional and sleek. How about Brogues? Given most brogues come in light brown and sport some form of embroidery or two, we recommend utilising tortoiseshell frames with complementary colours such as light or dark blue. This outlook will make you look less serious, yet ready for work. For slip-ons and boat shoes, the general vibe is for one to be laid back, yet semi-formal. Here, we believe a wilder form of frames is generally accepted, so don’t be shy to go for leopard prints or bolder looks!


High Heels

How could we forget our girls? Heels, too call for different spectacle frames! However, the choice of heels is usually dependant on the occasion itself more than just the outlook. So we suggest looking at firstly what the event is, followed by how to match your heels and spectacles accordingly. Platforms tend to be for casual dates or meet-ups, a more relaxed version of heels. With platforms, the youthful trendy look of geekily large frame glasses fits the bill somewhat well. For formal events, where heels are not too flashy but obviously noticeable, we suggest going with the flow, but with a little added zing. Try bold, yet not too extravagant colours such as gold, silver, brown or black. Frames should be thick and ‘standard’, but we suggest utilising tortoiseshell frames for the added touch!


All in all, we believe fashion in itself is subjective to consumer taste and likes. If comfort is more of your thing, so be it! We at Nanyang Optical always strive to make our customers feel satisfied and comfortable. If you want to look up alternative style tips and fashion guidelines, check this article out!