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Given the competitive economic climate in Singapore, there’s no denying that product pricing plays a detrimental factor in the optical scene. However, Nanyang Optical takes pride in taking a different swing to things. Our Chairman, Mr Yang Wah Kiang, has always been a go-getter, right off the bat. Our in-house brands such as COOSH, Eyelet Junior and Urband, have all been designed for a purpose – not just to provide better eyecare to consumers – but to solve even the smallest of pain points for each user profile.


Take for example, Urband. Our patented S-Clip solves the problem of loose screws and squeaky hinges that connect the temple arm to the frame. By utilising a clip-and-lock system, we do away with soldering or screws, eliminating one major problem with spectacle shelf life – having it stay in place in the long term.


Another example can be seen in our Eyelet Junior. We introduced the Stitch-Lock system – a customised handstitched mechanism that utilises nylon to connect the frames to the temple arms. Instead of screws – which would render the temple arms inflexible – the stitch lock system allows for free movement, so as to provide added durability to the spectacles.


Last but not least, our more recent innovation, the spring-hinge technology, as seen in COOSH, seeks to reduce sport-related spectacle damages. It enables a ‘shock-absorbing’ element to the spectacles, lessening the damage when dropped. Simultaneously, it allows the spectacle to stay firm on one’s face during intense exercise!


All in all, even though we have become a local household name, we naught intend to rest our laurels there. We continue to push ourselves to keep up with an evolving demographic tastes and preferences. With innovative design, enhanced ergonomics and a sharper vision, we strive to solve vision problems for each and every Singaporean. Interested to find out more about our innovations Check this out!