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Product Care Tips: Feeling Dissatisfied with Your New Glasses?Product Care Tips: Feeling Dissatisfied with Your New Glasses?

Product Care Tips: Feeling Dissatisfied with Your New Glasses?


At Nanyang Optical, we pride ourselves with our ability to meet every customer’s needs the first time around. However, there may be times you feel dissatisfied with a purchase you made with us because the frames don’t feel comfortable, or your new lenses are giving you a headache. Here are some common reasons as to what might be the case:


The familiarisation period is one of the most common reasons why new spectacles feel different, or even give you headaches and eyestrain. When you get new glasses, chances are your prescription would have changed. Your brain needs to adapt to the new, improved visual conditions, especially if the strength of your prescription varies greatly from your old one. A different type of glass used for your lenses may also affect your vision for a while. It is important to wear your new spectacles consistently to allow your eyes to adjust to the new lenses and prescription


It may also be the frames. Common complaints are that the glasses are too loose or too tight. If the frames simply don’t fit properly, minor adjustments like tightening or loosening screws should be all it takes to correct the problem.


And in very rare cases, it may be a clear manufacturer defect such as weak joints on the frames, or the prescription is clearly wrong due to errors in how your eyes were measured or how the lenses were made. We understand how frustrating it is.


As always, at Nanyang Optical, we aim to satisfy every customer. If there are issues you face that may not have been addressed in this article, you can go to the nearest Nanyang Optical outlet near you, where our staff will be more than happy to address your problems. You can also email us at or call us at 6744 9151.