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PRODUCT REVIEW – Bolon Eyewear


Glasses can be great accessories to match your outfit and accentuate your features. Whether you’re a bold fashionista or going for a simple and minimalistic look, Bolon Eyewear has a wide range of styles that can be matched with any and every outfit, for both men and women.


Our unique and elegant designs are made with high quality material to bring you glasses that are strong, light and comfortable. Our glasses are made from premium Italian Acetate-Resin and Switzerland-made Memory Resin TR90 to guarantee lightness and resistance. At Nanyang Optical, quality and style are never compromised.

The Vintage Inspired collection uses the classic D-shape frame in its designs for a very retro look that would look great with bold outfits. The Modern Trends collection gives off a more contemporary feel, which would complement more minimalistic outfits.

Our sunglasses also come in funky frames, and unique colours that add more oomph to your everyday outfits. These LUCKY sunglasses combine the classic cat-eye frame with the tortoise shell pattern and tinted frames, exuding a sense of elegance and fun at the same time.

The vintage aviator glasses have been given a makeover. These LEGEND sunglasses from the Men’s Collection is available in 8 colours!

Be it glasses or sunglasses, we have the perfect pair for you and your style. Check out our website or visit any Nanyang Optical store to get your new, funky frames today!