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Product Review – Eyelet Junior

Children are active and adventurous by nature, and having myopia shouldn’t stop them from having fun.

We are determined to create glasses that allow children to continue playing or doing sports without their glasses hindering them. Exclusively designed to provide maximum comfort and stability, Eyelet Junior provides the ideal solution for all children.

Eyelet Junior is the world’s first soft-lock system that uses nylon string to lock the lenses inside the rims of the frame. This makes the frame more compact, helping to maintain a good grip on the face. Children who love to run and jump around can now wear their glasses comfortably as they play.

Many children have the habit of removing their glasses with only one hand, causing the frame to become loose or slanted. Our frames are made from high-tensile strength steel. This material is flexible, and the glasses “spring” back to its original shape even after being carelessly handled.

The best thing? Eyelet Junior is customizable. Children can choose from a wide variety of colours and styles of frames. It’s a great way to show off their vibrant personalities.

Whether they are running around the playground, playing soccer with their friends, or simply reading a book, we have designed the Junior to be sturdy and child-friendly to withstand the playful nature of children without compromising their natural bubbly selves.