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The age of geeky glasses is over, it's time for funky frames to shine. Fashion has moved forward and given glasses an elevated status in the fashion world. No longer are they seen as simple vision aids, they are fashion accessories that complement every face, lifestyle and outfit. 


Our Nanyang Optical design team worked hard with the research & development team to come up with glasses that go beyond the typical mono-coloured plastic frames. 


Glossi's frame-fronts are made from our proprietary NCP™ - a strong, translucent polymer that gives the glasses its unique glossy effect; the temples are made from premium Japan beta Titanium, and high-quality cellulose acetate. It is uniquely stitched together with our stitch-lock mechanism to give you glasses that are ultra-light, flexible and strong.  

The light frame does not put pressure behind the wears, or press into your nose bridge and leave marks. Glossi is so light you might even forget you're wearing glasses! 


Best of all, it comes in so many different colours. The glasses look simple and elegant from afar, but when you take a closer look, the light hits the glossy parts of the frames and colours start dancing before your eyes. 


It's a great way to show a fun side of you, or as an accessory to your #OOTD.

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Even Joe Perry, lead guitarist for legendary rock band Aerosmith rocked the crowd while wearing a pair of Glossi. 

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 Chinese crooner Sun Nan woos fans all over the words with his melodious voice, and looks every bit like a world star with his Glossi. 

Release your inner star. Come down to any of our outlets and get your funky frames today!