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Product Review – Urband

Glasses have become one of the most popular fashion accessories today. And best of all, they help improve your eyesight, and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.  


Urband was born in Paris in 2006. Our designers have had hundreds of encounters and experiences with people all around the world and wanted to translate that to the best, and most fashionable eyewear around. A fusion of people and lifestyles is what really defines Urband.



The design of our frames goes beyond the regular solder-and-screw. All our Urband glasses use our unique, patented flexible clip, also known as the S-clip. This hinge is only available in our collections, and allows our glasses to avoid using screws, which requires regular maintenance. Urband glasses also have a two-year warranty, but it will definitely last longer than that!


The frames are made from Beta Japanese and Pur titanium, which makes our frames strong, but also lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort for each user.


Urband glasses come in a range of styles and colours that complement any face shape and skin tone, and are available for both men and women. Drop by any of our outlets and get yourself a stylish pair today!