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Good lenses make all the difference in how you see the world. They can help you see more clearly, prevent eyestrain and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. ZEISS lenses provide all these things because of the cutting-edge technology used to make their lenses.

Digital Lenses

Nowadays, we live our lives through our phones and gadgets. We read the news, send emails, watch videos and everything in between on these devices. The small font sizes and constant switching of near and far away objects can be taxing for our eyes. ZEISS Digital Lenses have a specially optimised near zone that allows your eyes to focus comfortably, no matter where you look.

Progressive Lenses

ZEISS progressive lenses offer a wide range of lenses that meet your unique vision needs. The near, intermediate and far zones are incorporated into one lens, making them comfortable to wear, any day, any time.

DriveSafe Lenses

Driving through the streets with all the bright lights, having to constantly focus on what’s in front, and bad weather that reduces light conditions can put a strain on your eyes. DriveSafe Lenses provide clear vision throughout your drive, no matter what the weather or lighting conditions. The lenses also have special anti-reflective coating, which reduces the glare of oncoming cars so you can drive safely.

Workplace Lenses

Specially optimised for office and computer screens, Workplace Lenses are perfect for students and working adults who spend a copious amount of time in front of a computer screen doing work. These lenses offer a large visual field for near and intermediate zones, giving you clear vision and reducing eyestrain, even after a full day of work.

Single vision lenses

Being long-sighted or short-sighted doesn’t have to hinder you from doing what you like. ZEISS Single Vision lenses are specially optimised to meet your specific needs, whether you struggle to see things far away or up close. Although they are untinted, these lenses still feature a special UV coating to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

ZEISS has a diverse range of lens types and lens coatings for all your eye care needs, whether you’re a student, a businessman, a taxi driver or even a child. Come and get your glasses fitted with the best lenses technology has to offer at any of our 11outlets!