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A child needs many abilities to succeed in school. Good vision is a key to handle reading and writing. When his or her vision is impaired, education and participation in sports can suffer.

As vision changes frequently during school years, regular eye and vision care is important. The most common vision problem is shortsightedness or myopia.

Eye wear or contact lenses may correct the vision problem but a program is needed to develop good eye care habits.

Project Junior is an initiative that Nanyang Optical has launched to address the rising childhood myopia rates. Singapore has one of the top childhood myopia rates in Singapore and this initiative serves to empower both kids and parents with the knowledge and tools to prevent the onset and / or worsening of myopia.

The importance of having clear vision:

To empower kids:

A colourful take home brochure with easy to read contents that kids will be able to comprehend and learn ways to take care of their eyesight. They will be given a log card or summary sheet to keep track of their eye tests results.

A comprehensive 5-step eye examination being carried out by our trained optometrists

To empower parents:

A Visual Acuity Chart that they will be able to take home. Our optometrists will guide the parents on usage to perform regular eye examination every 6 months for their kids. Should they find that their kids are having problems reading the letters, they are encouraged to bring the kids to our outlets for a detailed check.

Parents are encouraged to be present when the 5-step examination is taking place so that they will better understand the implications of each results.

The program is coupled with our very own Eyelet frames which are specially designed for kids to meet their lifestyle needs.

If you would like to have your kids embark on this initiative, simply visit any of our outlets!