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Chances are you’ve already delved into online marketplaces such as Carousell. What’s not to like? It’s convenient, cheaper and gets delivered to your doorstep at a whim! However, we cant stress how important it is to always be cautious when making purchases online for just about anything. However, when it comes to eyecare products, we suggest being extra careful, especially for contact lenses as they are in direct contact with your eyes. Here are some guidelines in place we would like to share with you when purchasing eyewear online!


Registered Dealers

It’s always good practice to ensure that the seller you intend to purchase from is registered and certified. That way, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a higher chance that the seller is showcasing legitimate eyewear. In the case of corrective spectacles, we highly suggest that you head down to an optical store, as prescriptions by registered optometrists are much more reliable!



One sure-fire way to spot fake brands is to understand the brand’s logo and design. In most cases, when you check the sides of the temple-arms, the brand’s name and serial number will be stated there. If the text displays ‘Inspired by (Brand Name)’ it’s a fake. Be sure to look out for spelling errors and poor graphic placement as well. Places to check are usually temple arms, frames and nosepads.



Another good practice is to always check the spectacle components. Spot for squeaky hinges, loose screws and misplaced lenses. In most cases, fake products tend to bank on the fact that the unsuspecting consumer skip past checks on the smallest of components. In legitimate spectacles, everything should be in place – nose-pads are not shaky, temple arm hinges are screwed tightly in place, and lenses fit the frame perfectly. Remember, it’s the smallest things that count!



Thanks to governmental regulations, there are not many cases of fake eyecare products out there, but it always pays to be extra cautious. We still believe it’s best you head down to an optical store to make your purchase, as it’s always better to understand your prescriptions and which spectacles are best suited for you, as recommended by a licensed optometrist. Click here to find out more about your prescriptions and what they mean!