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Kids and Myopia – What are the signs?

Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is a condition which affects the individual’s ability to focus on a distant object, while near vision remains clear.


Myopia occurs when the eyeball is longer than the normal eye, or the lens and cornea system of the eye is too strong, resulting in light being focuses in front of the retina instead, causing far objects to appear blurry i.e., near-sighted.

Check for these signs of Myopia

  1. Squinting when trying to focus on a distant object
  2. Moving closer to the desired object (like TV, or tablet)
  3. Holding devices or books close to the face
  4. Complain of headaches/eye-strain
  5. Unable to see distant objects clearly
  6. Blinking excessively, trying to focus
  7. Frequent rubbing of eyes
  8. Having an abnormal head tilt while watching tv/gadgets (signs of Myopia with Astigmatism)

If you see the development of such signs, do bring your child for an eye examination with our Optometrists/Opticians, to ensure that any vision problem is detected and managed early.