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When you look at another person, chances are, the first thing we notice about them are their eyes. So it is no wonder that spectacles are considered fashion products. However, just knowing that they are a fashionable item is not enough. Recognising what the pair of spectacles represents in a person stylistically could help you understand why certain people choose a certain look when it comes to purchasing spectacles.

Those who opt for colourful or patterned frames, or even colour-tinted glasses are usually reflected as creative or fashionable. They usually are bold to try out new things and knows what they like. To them glasses are accessories that can showcase their creativity and individuality. Who knows they may even have more than one pair of glasses of different colours and patterns to go with different moods and styles!

Nowadays, not many dig the ‘basic’ spectacles look – simple and clean lines – as it is viewed as plain and boring. However, most of them tend to be detail oriented and view situations logically. To them glasses are more about pragmatism than style. Rather than utilising them as a fashion statement, they use it to aid them to see properly. They pay less attention to the price and designs but more on how the glasses will be able to aid them.

How about looking suave? If you see someone rocking aviator frames, chances are they are adventurers who are not afraid to take risks! They are confident and outgoing individuals who are never afraid to express themselves. They are also very cool and spontaneous, breathing life everywhere they go. It’s almost impossible to miss their presence!

The hipster frame, which gives off a John Lennon/Harry Potter look usually utilises large round frames. One look at you’d think they were a librarian! However, given the traction in this trend, it’s no longer about looking geeky or quirky. These frames give off an impression that they are poetic, smart and humble with appreciation towards vintage and historical trends and cultures.

Now that you’ve checked out various frame styles and what they signify, how about getting a pair for yourself? Here at Nanyang Optical, we offer a wide range of spectacle styles, some for the daring fashionista, some for the sleek and sharp gentlemen, and even some for the playful at heart. Interested? Check out more here!