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Eyesight plays an important role to everyone, especially children. Given at the rate of childhood myopia in Singapore, it is extremely vital for your child to go through regular eye checks. Here are the reasons why it is important for your child to get their eyes checked regularly:


Poor vision affects a child's education

Vision plays a huge part in a child's education. A child with vision problems will have their ability to read books, reading from the whiteboard, participating in sports and recreational activities and social interactions affected. If it is untreated, the child may find themselves falling behind their classmates in learning, being unable to catch up. Unfortunately, most children can't identify vision issues themselves, which is why scheduling a yearly eye check for them is important. By identifying and correcting vision problems early, it can prevent the negative impact on your child's education.


Early detection provides better outcome

As a child gets older, their eyes and its sensitive mechanisms are vulnerable to diseases. Some eye diseases like glaucoma show no symptoms in early stage and only be detected during regular eye checks. If left untreated, many eye diseases can worsen over time. This can make the problem harder to manage and treatment more difficult. Being alert to changes in vision is helpful for your child’s optical health. As such, hence regular eye examinations allow for early diagnosis and treatment for any eye related problems. Early detection and treatment can slow down the progression of eye diseases and improve your child's vision in the long run.


Encourage appreciation for good eye health

Eye care is one of the important factors for your child's long-term health and well-being. By showing your child that their eyes are important with regular eye checks, you are providing the foundations of a lifelong respect for their important organs. Eye doctors can also provide age- appropriate advice to help protect their eyes from diseases. Children will often notice such safety advices more when it is delivered by a health professional instead of their parents.


Despite these guidelines in ensuring your child’s eye health, it is equally important to note the facts surrounding childhood myopia. Click here to find out more!