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Anniversaries are both a celebration of the past, and excitement for the future. We mark our 60th anniversary with a brand-new logo as we continue to improve your vision care experience, and venture to even greater heights.

The new logo symbolises new dreams and aspirations to journey together with you in the coming years. It also symbolizes us returning to our roots as we continue to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant.

With 60 years of experience, and more than 10 patents for innovative frame designs, we have developed exclusive brands that suit our customers’ individual preferences.

Whether you’re an army recruit, a growing child or a fashionista, we have all your eye care needs. We tailor and customise your spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses to be as unique as you. Our pride and joy has always been to create superior eye care experiences for every customer that walks through the doors of our stores.

The passion for taking care of people’s eyes helps us remain strongly bound to our sense of purpose in providing world-class eye care for all our customers. Over the years, Nanyang Optcial has become a trusted eye care provider to our clients but we would also like to think of ourselves as being your neighbour and friend.

We thank you for walking this journey together with us. Here’s to 60 years of friendship and beyond!