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Have you ever dreamt of having huge and sparkly eyes? We know many Asian girls strive to achieve that cute-sy, dolled up look. The good news is this is no longer a dream.

In the past, most girls who sought the bubbly look had to go through plastic surgery. Thanks to the new trend of ‘circle lenses’, plastic surgery is not a requirement anymore! Circle lenses have a larger diameter in between 14mm-16mm and are designed to cover your iris and a portion of your sclera (the white parts of your eyes). By doing so, it gives the impression of huge, doe-like eyes. What more, these lenses come in different colours and designs, even with Hello Kitty designs!

But how exactly did this trend begin? Originating from Japan in the 2000s, the trend kickstarted due to the desire of wanting to stand out from the crowd. In Japan, where it is commonplace to have small, beady brown irises, the trend of larger eyes was injected through the cosplaying scene. Cosplayers discovered that adding circle lenses helped them achieved their desired look. Fast forward-ing, the trend spread even further when Lady Gaga wore circle lenses in her music video "Bad Romance" which gave her eyes a doll like appearance. Soon after, circle lenses spread to countries like South Korea, Thailand, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

However, sometimes these lenses are purchased without prescriptions and it may cause damage to the eyes, sometimes even blindness. Like contact lenses, in order to have a safe long-lasting wear without any infection or damage risk, proper care is required for circle lenses. Click here to find out how to take care of your contact lenses.