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Nowadays with online shopping being more and more common, it is natural that you will want to buy eyeglasses online, since they cost relatively cheaper than those being sold retail.  Before that, you may want to read this guide that we specially prepared for you.

Before you start, you should do some research on the website to determine whether it is safe to make purchases from it. Best to read about the reviews from customers to determine if the website can be trusted in terms of factors like quality and credibility.

The key to purchasing online is being comfortable to make decisions on your own. While browsing through the catalogues of eyewear online, you will realise they all come in different features like colours, frame materials, type of hinges. You should also consider what lens material you want as well. Having your vision checked is also something very important to do before making purchases of eyewear online.

Be aware that unlike buying eyeglasses from retail stores – buying eyeglasses online means you do not have the opportunity to try them on which is difficult to determine if the glasses will suit you or not. However, there are websites that can let you try the frames on by allowing you to upload a photo of your face, and then superimpose the image of the frames you are interested in on your picture.

You should also check for the return policies and warranty of the online store too. Find out if refunds can be made if you find the glasses aren't right for you. Also find out if the online seller will remake your lenses if there is any problem or error.

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