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Far too often people neglect the importance of their spectacle cases. However, we are here to tell you that it plays a major importance in protecting your eyes because if not for them, your glasses wouldn’t be in mint condition.

It is more important to choose to right one for your child because of their young and active lifestyle.

Having said that, here are some tips before you buy your kids their new spectacle cases

1 – Check for the kind of case you want to get

  • Hard cases 

These are the cases highly recommended by doctors and that’s because you never have to worry about damaging your glasses with them.

Sturdy and firm, these cases may come slightly larger but there is no better protection for your glasses than these.

  • Soft cases

Definitely less bulkier than a hard cases, soft cases are a better choice when storing your glasses by your bed side, pocket or desk.

If your child’s spectacles are made from thick metal and plastic, a soft case will do just fine. However, they are not recommended to be kept in a backpack, especially if you know your child leads an active lifestyle.

2 - Check its size

  • If the cases are too small, they are in danger of being bent from having too much pressure being applied to the frames.
  • If the cases are too big, they may be tossed around inside the case causing the frame and lenses to get damaged.

REMEMBER: Your spectacle cases should fit nicely into your cases, without having to fiddle around the frames too much to close the case.

 3 – Check the insides of the case

  • Your child’s spectacle case maybe hard on the outside, but be sure that the lining inside is soft to ensure that if your kid does drop the case, the spectacle does not get damaged.

REMEMBER: Regardless of your child’s lifestyle, accidents may happen and your child can drop his spectacle on the ground. So, it’s always better to be safer than sorry! 

4 – Let it be your child’s case

Your child is going to be the one that uses it most often. So let him/her be the one that gets to decide what –

  • Colour
  • Pattern

REMEMBER: After all, if you buy them something they don’t like, they are probably not going to use it putting the glasses at a higher risk of getting damaged.

Still feeling unsure about what kind of cases and the best for your child? Find your nearest Nanyang Optical here