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Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Going on vacation? Don’t forget to pack these essential eyecare products!

Going on holiday is a great way to spend time with family and get away from the stress of work for a while. Heading for a ski trip in the mountains? Flying off to enjoy the sun and surf in Fiji?

If you wear glasses, don’t forget to pack these essentials, or you might not be able to see much of anything at all. Here’s a quick travel checklist before you jet off!

Bring an Extra Pair

It’s always good to pack a pair of extra glasses, in case your accidentally break or lose them while overseas. Extra glasses also come in handy if you wear contact lenses, especially if you have a long plane ride or road trip coming up because contacts tend to become dry overtime and cause irritation to your eyes.

Pack a Hard Case

Bring a hard case for your glasses, and store your glasses in them before putting them on your bag. This will protect your glasses from scratches and dust, and being squashed inside your bag. Keep your hard case in your carry-on bag, not in your check-in bag, so you can easily store your glasses a safe place.

Cleaning Kit

Pack a small bag with extra microfibre cloths, a cleaning spray and some pre-moistened lens cleaners. This makes it easy for you to clean your glasses on the go!


If you're heading to a sunny island to chill by beach, or skiing on the slopes of a beautiful mountain, don’t forget your sunglasses. Yes, you need glasses even in winter! The UV rays reflect off the snow and can cause a sunburn on your cornea. Sunglasses are important in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun, no matter where you are or what season you are experiencing.

You can always stop by Nanyang Optical before you fly off to get eye care essentials like microfibre cloths, cleaning spray, hard cases and even sunglasses, so you can travel anywhere in the world with ease, and with style.