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Nanyang Optical’s vision remains bright at 60

These days, we are located in chic shopping malls, with professional sales assistants flashing warm smiles. Rows of spectacle frames and sunglasses are arranged neatly in transparent glass display cases.

But we sure have come a long way.

We opened our doors to our first customers in suburban Geylang, as a humble lens-grinding and edging workshop. Today, we have grown to become one of Singapore's biggest eyewear retail chains. As loyal customers witness our growth, we became witnesses to the bonds they share with their next generations as they visit us with them in tow, year after year.

From dusty workshops to clean air-conditioned stores, our sights are set on further targets yet. Turning 60 has given us no reason to slow down. Like a grandmother who can still effortlessly shoot a thread into the eye of a needle, Nanyang Optical's vision remains undimmed, eyes firmly set on the future

We are proud to have progressed from merely providing eyewear to leading the industry in cutting-edge technology, clearly setting us apart from our peers in a competitive market.

As the world moves towards containing the effects of greenhouse gas pollution, we have also boldly made caring for the environment our mission, showing the world that a responsible company does not mean that aesthetics, style, and quality have to be compromised.

All our products now use frames that are constructed without soldering or screws, helping to reduce carbon emission while fixing the common problem of loose screws in spectacles. Many of them are also made up of recycled materials.

Our in-house brands are proof of this family’s passion and dedication.

Nature Eyes, one of our most popular and award-winning eyewear lines, is Singapore’s first eco-friendly eyewear. Some of the frames under this line are made of recycled titanium and acetate. Others are made of wood certified as eco-friendly by the independent non-profit watchdog group, Forest Stewardship Council.

Urband is our high-end line that uses the unique flexible hinge, dubbed the “S-clip”, allowing frames to be assembled without screws.

Eyelet boasts the world’s first soft-lock system that uses nylon strings to lock the lenses to the rims of the frame. Eyelet’s method is extremely friendly to the environment as it does not involve soldering, coupled with the fact that their temples are made of recycled polymer.

To all our partners, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, here’s to 60 years of sharing memories and creating bonds – and to many more ahead!