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Chinese New Year is all about luck, wealth, health and prosperity. As such, in the days leading up to Chinese New Year, there’s still time for some last-minute garment shopping if you haven’t done so! However, before you go on a spending frenzy – in the spirit of good luck – we believe there are some colours to avoid. Here are some no-nos to take note of when buying clothes, but do keep in mind that some of these ‘criterias’ may not be strictly observed anymore.

Chinese New Year 2018 sees the year of the Earth Dog. In Chinese belief, the Earth element represents stability, as it is the core of all the other elements – Fire, Water, Wood and Metal. As such, it is commonplace to believe that colours such as brown and beige fit the bill. No doubt, they do. However, if used excessively, it may give off a restrictive or constraining feel, which may end up with you looking boring. We suggest mixing both warm and cool tones of beige, instead!

Notwithstanding our fashion judgment, one common colour that should be avoided is black. Black in Chinese belief signifies bad luck in wealth, health and relations; and in some cases, even death. Even if you don’t believe in superstition, it may portray a lack of cultural awareness to your relatives, and we’re sure no one wants to be that guy. Try to avoid wearing black – be it jet, glossy or matt. This applies especially to our NSFs; if you have a different pair of spectacles to the ones you book in with, try wearing them instead!

Nonetheless, we wish the best for those celebrating Chinese New Year. Hence, we feel that it’s better to be safe than sorry. No matter how crazy these beliefs may clash with your inner fashionista, who doesn’t want an extra bit of luck or wealth during this festive season?