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What To Do When Your Glasses BreakWhat To Do When Your Glasses Break

If you wear glasses, chances are you’ve broken them before. The crack sound when they slip off and hit the ground, or when you accidentally sit on them is similar to the sound of your heart breaking, especially if it’s your favourite pair.


Here are some quick fixes that you can do when you break them:


The easiest way is to have a spectacles repair kit at home so you can easily fix loose screws. A spectacles repair kit should contain a small screwdriver designed for glasses, extra screws, and extra nose pads.


If the arm of the frame, or nose pad of the frame is loose, you can easily use your spectacle repair kit to replace and tighten the screws. If the arm has completely fallen off, and you don’t have spare screws lying around, you can actually use cling wrap to wrap the two broken pieces together. It might not look very nice, but it’s the fastest way to have your glasses back on your face again.


Unfortunately, if your glasses look like they’ve been smashed by The Hulk, you will definitely need a new pair.


If your glasses break, or sustain heavy damage and you’re not sure what to do, come down to any one of our Nanyang Optical stores. Our friendly eye care consultants will be happy to help you find the best possible solution. If it’s beyond repair, we have a wide variety of glasses that will make you forget your heartache instantly.


Our Coosh glasses are made for resilience and is perfect for people who are active and constantly on the go. The patented spring coil design allows the frame to be made without screws. It flexible and comfortable, with a “spring back” property that helps maintain a firm grip on the face. No more worrying about loose screws or lopsided glasses anymore!


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