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Why choose office lenses? Let's find out more!

Office vs Progressive lens

Do you experience body and shoulder pains after staring at your computer screen for long hours?

Do you experience blurred vision while reading off small texts on your screen?

Are traditional lenses and progressive lenses always suitable options for computer use?

Progressive lens

Progressive lens

These lenses are used to correct presbyopia; the loss of ability to focus on near objects, also know as no-line bifocal lenses. These lenses provide up to three visual fields for viewing distant objects; intermediate objects and close up objects. Many choose progressive lenses as it provides the convenience of not having to swithc between glasses as the lenses are tailored for all purposes. 

However, with that said, certain progressive lenses provides limited field of clear vision for mid distances. As we age, our eyesight might change, hence images tend to become blurry which means we have to hold objects at different length to see them better. 

Reading lens

Reading lenses are typically for those with presbyopia, which is an age-related eye condition that causes the lens of the eye to become more rigid, decreasing a person's near vision. Reading lenses provides a clear field for close up obkects, however, the wearer might have to move close to the object for better vision, which might cause neck and back strain, especially when you have to stare at the texts on your screen for long hours. 

We can solve this issue with designated office lenses

From the image, you can see two individuals sitting before a computer screen. One with an awkard posture, which the other is sitting comfortable at a normal posture. 

You can solve the pain points with Office lenses!

Office lens is a highly recommended solution for the matured age group, especially for those who does alot of close up computer work. Not only does it offer a wider computer and reading space, it also allows users to have a more relaxed posture that reduces neck and back strains. This makes whatever task you are handling for long hours more comfortable. The unique part of the lens is that it solves two pain points

  • Allowing you to see near objects clearly
  • Give clarity for objects slightly further away.

Pop by any of the Nanyang Optical outlet today to learn more about office lenses, and how it can help you in your daily work!