Brands we carry

At Nanyang Optical, instead of overwhelming you with a wide variety and selection of products, every brand and products that we present to you are specially curated to suit your every needs.

Before the collection are shown or recommended to you in our practice, we put it through a stringent selection process where we research, review, test and check the the quality and functionality of the product. We also went through the company's profile to ensure that it fits together with what Nanyang Optical believes. All products are selected to ensure that it fits both ours and your expectactions. 

Ophthalmic lenses

Ophthalmic lens is one of the most important element in a pair of eyewear. It helps to address your needs for a clear vision. To us, a good piece of lens should be of high quality, and customizable so that you can enjoy clear vision for whichever activity you are doing. Each pair of lens should be suitable and suits your needs and budget. 

We offer ophthalmic lenses from:

Hoya lens

For 75 years, Hoya Vision's revolutionary optical and healthcare solutions have been pushing technological boundaries for customers around the world. Their lens design has advanced considerably over the years, but one thing remained unchanged: their dedication to quality and innovation for which Hoya Vision has become known.


A brand with over 100 years of experience in the production of SLR camera lenses, Pentax launches their optical lens arm for close to 40 years, providing top qualtiy lenses. The Pentax optical lens pride itself with its intricate design with the sole purpose of delivering performance and durability. 

Founded in 1846, the innovative strength and extensive optical expertise of ZEISS has played a central role in shaping the eyeglass industry since 1912. The ZEISS Vision care develops and produces exceptional technological instruments and offerings for the entire eyeglass value chain. 

Optical frames

A spectacle frames comes in a variety of styles, shapes, materials and colour. Each pair, chosen correctly, not only helps to meet your vision needs, it also helps to accentuate your individuality and style. The spectacles style and material can affect the weight, durability and comfort to the eyeglasses. Both the frame and the lens has to work hand in hand to ensure that it meets your needs and preferences. 

Some of the brands we offer. For information on other brands, do contact us. 



Contact lens

A contact lens is most probably the only product that is in the closest contact to your cornea. It is worn directly on the surface of the cornea. With the proximity, fitting you with the right contact lens is our top priority. 

We offer both soft lenses and RGP lens. 


For enquiries on other brands, we contact us directly!