March Myopia Campaign

Empower your child with a clear vision

Myopia is a lifelong condition which cannot be cured. It will have impact of the quality of life, academic performance, increased risk of other eye-related complications, and it is a lifetime financial commitment. 

A child's myopia can progress rapidly if not properly managed at an early age. High level of myopia can increase the risk of eye-diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal detachment. 

Do you know that although normal single vision lenses helps to correct your child's vision, it does not aid much in managing the progression of their myopia? Unmanaged myopia will only progress, resulting in frequent change of spectacle lens.

With myopia management lenses, coupled together with our NYO Myopia care program, let us work together with you to manage your child's myopia.

Why myopia management lenses:

  1. Myopia management lenses is shown to be effective in slowing down the progression of myopia
  2. Myopia management lenses might be slighly more costly than single vision lenses, however, they can ultimately be a cost-effective solution. 

From now till 31st March 2024, enjoy up to 40% off myopia management lenses and frame package! Pop by your nearest outlet for more information. 

Up to 40% off myopia lens and frame

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