We are living now in a Digital world. From digital documents, social medias, messaging, to payment and even virtual-meeting your loved ones online. Every precious moment is now not only being captured in our memory, but also in our digital devices such as mobile phones and personal computer.

No matter where we are, we are always connected - be it whether we are browsing, double-tapping or zooming on our digital gadgets. Prolonged exposure to the digital screen will exposed your eyes to digital strain.

Introducing ZEISS SmartLife lenses, the revolutionary ophthalmic lens which are specially designed to suit your connected lifestyles. 

ZEISS Smartlife

A Singaporean spent averagely 15 hours online looking at digital gadgets, be it laptop, personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Unlike the past where we are able to focus on one-task at a time, today, the highly digitalized lifestyle surrounds us with information that allows us to multi-task.

average time online

As such, our eyes are constantly switching between digital and physical spaces, causing:

  • Our vision is now more dynamic than ever as we are constantly moving between dimensions and distances
  • Our focus is frequently shifting from digital to physical, and physical to digital
  • Majority of our time is now spent focusing on screens
  • We experiences eyestrain and eye-fatigue

The ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are supported by ZEISS SmartView Technology, which is optimized for fast, dynamic and frequent eye movements, which provide you with larger and clearer fields of view in all distances, and all-day visual comfort for peak performance online, offline and on-the-go. 


When tested among consumers:

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